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Who is The Inflatable Gorilla?


The Inflatable Gorilla is an inflatable advertising rental company that specializes in cold-air inflatables that is located in Tacoma, Washington. We know that advertising with inflatables can increase your walk-in traffic by 20-40% and produces greater results at a lower cost than any other form of advertising.



What is a cold air inflatable?


Cold air inflatables are giant, larger than life, vinyl coated, nylon replicas of: animals, characters, objects, or hot-air balloons.  A blower fan system runs continually to keep the inflatables standing tall, while tether straps keep them in place.  They can withstand winds up to 30 mph without damage.  A 25 foot inflatable usually costs about $4 per day or less to fly.



Why use an advertising inflatable?







Who uses advertising inflatables?


  • Automotive Industry: to build curiosity, highlight a sale or promotion, and to get shoppers into the showroom
  • Food & Beverage: to grab attention, highlight promotions, or announce a Grand Opening
  • Sports Teams: to draw attention, and to help fans build a strong loyal bond with their team
  • Military: to boost patriotism and to draw crowds at recruitment events
  • Stage Productions: to provide intrigue for theater, concerts, dance or children's productions
  • Radio Stations: to draw more attention than traditional signs for contests, remote broadcasts, fairs or any other event
  • Retail: to draw crowds to sales events, to highlight promotions, to advertise a Grand Opening, or to simply get people in the door



Can I add a custom banner to the inflatable?


Yes!  We have a number of generic banners that can be used for most of our inflatables, but if one of these will not work for you, we offer custom banners for a small additional cost.  Adding a custom banner advertisement to the powerful attraction inflatables have, gives you a combination that’s hard to beat.  You simply get us your logo, information, or slogan, and we make it happen. 




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Inflatable Gorilla

PO Box 65015 Tacoma, WA 98464